About Us

Everyone has a mobile phone. APP4YMCA  is the best way to engage the association members anytime, anywhere.

We get YMCA on the phone in just a few seconds. Customisable, user friendly mobile apps in android and ios that everyone can afford.

APP4YMCA is the perfect way to make sure all the members are kept up-to-date and fully engaged.  Send messages to all the members, list YMCA's  information, share your users comments on Facebook, list your events, videos, notes, receive sponsorships.

The highlight feature of APP4YMCA is the option to place the livestreaming link of events if webcast is arranged.

APP4YMCA is so easy to use and manage that any person- older or younger can get acquainted to the application very easily. APP4YMCA is a great platform for all the association members to keep engaged. Even when you are absent or travelling, you can keep yourself abreast with all the happenings.